BC Registered Music Teachers' Association Victoria Branch


Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What are the benefits of becoming a member of the BC Registered Music Teachers'


  • RMT designation ‐ qualified members are entitled by the B.C. Provincial Legislative Act of 1947 to use the RMT (Registered Music Teacher) designation.

  • Membership in both BCRMTA and Canadian Federation of Music Teachers (CFMTA).

  • Subscription to both BCRMTA Progressions and CFMTA The Canadian Music Teacher magazines.

  • Competition and scholarship opportunities for your students such as the CFMTA Music Writing competition, the BC Piano Competition and Young Artist Tour, and the CFMTA Piano Competition.

  • Westland Insurance ‐ group policy for $5 million Comprehensive General Liability and $500,000 Tenants Legal Liability which extends to locations that are rented on a temporary basis. Estimated value $250. (Coverage included in BCRMTA membership.)

  • The Personal ‐ discounted rates for home business insurance coverage with very competitive rates on instruments and office equipment.

  • The Vancouver Chopin Society ‐ 15 to 20% discount on ticket prices depending on the performance.

  • Vancouver Symphony Orchestra ‐ members may purchase up to two tickets for $20 each in section A or next best available for any regular season concert. (Excludes special concerts and dress circle seating).

  • Being part of the local, provincial, and national bodies that shape music education in Canada.

Question: What are the benefits at the branch level?

  • Opportunities to attend the national and provincial conferences

  • Referrals

  • Student concert opportunities

  • Student masterclass opportunities

  • Opportunities to hear educational speakers

  • Scholarships and bursaries for your students

  • Networking

Question: Who would I talk to about updating my phone number/email on the website?

Answer: Click here to update your information on the BCRMTA website.  They will notify our local branch with your updated information.

However, you may also wish to notify the Victoria branch directly.  Click here to contact our Membership Chair. 

Questions: What happens when I am no longer teaching?

Answer: If you no longer have students, you are welcome to remain a full member of BCRMTA (Victoria Branch). This enables you to share your expertise with other teachers, and assist the association as it moves forward. Many members opt to maintain their membership so they can continue to support the local branch, provincial, and national Associations.

If you choose to resign your membership, be sure to notify BCRMTA prior to the membership renewal
deadline so that you resign in good standing. This leaves the door open if you wish to join at a later date.

Be advised that by resigning from the BCRMTA you are also resigning from the CFMTA.

Question: What is an Associate Member?

Answer: This is an in-branch honour bestowed by the executive on long time members. Associates are notified of local branch activities, and encouraged to attend.  However; they are officially no longer a BC Registered Music Teacher and forfeit all voting rights.  Associate Members do not pay fees.

Question: Does the BCRMTA recommend a minimum hourly fee for members to charge music students?

Answer: We have no suggested minimum.


Question: Am I allowed to teach in my home if I am a tenant?

Answer: You must have permission from your landlord and may need a business license from your municipality.  Please contact the Residential Tenancy Branch and your municipality for clarification.

Question: Who is the RCM Representative for Victoria?

Answer: The RCM representative is Patricia Williamson - [email protected]

Question: What are the guidelines for branch email notices?

Answer: Click here to see the complete list of guidelines.

Question: Where can I find forms for branch scholarships, competitions, etc.

Answer: Click here for all branch forms.


Question: How can I make a donation to the Victoria branch?

Answer: All monetary donations are welcome.  Click here for more information about how to donate. 

Question: Do you accept music and book donations?

Answer: Books and music can be donated for members to purchase. Contact the President to arrange a branch meeting date for the books to be brought in.  A notice will be sent out to members, and all donations received will go to the branch scholarship fund. Books not sold MUST be taken away at the end of the meeting.

Question: Can I get a tax receipt for my donation when I purchase used music books at our meetings?

Answer: Tax receipts cannot be issued.

Question: Can I get a tax receipt for my book and music donations to the Victoria Branch?

Answer: Tax receipts cannot be issued.

Instrument “For Sale” or “Free”

Question: Can I advertise an item for sale/free on behalf of my student (present or former)?

Answer: As long as a member’s name is listed as the contact person, an ad can be sent to members through our weekly branch email notices.

Email solicitations

Question: How do I know if an email is legitimate?

Answer: We cannot verify the source of email or any other solicitation you may receive.


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